The Annual Meeting

A Chance for REC of GFW to Recognize and Honor those Who Have Made Outstanding Contributions to Fort Worth and Tarrant County


As The Real Estate Council grew, it became important to find a time for the entire membership to get together and honor the year's accomplishments as well as recognize the outstanding work of the Founder's and Young Leaders in our community.

Each year in April, the Real Estate Council members gather together for an evening of updates, honors and entertainment. The scope of this meeting varies from year to year based on the committee planning the event, but a few things don’t change. The meeting happens in April. The work of The Council is recognized and members are honored.

The Committee

Does this sound like fun? Committee members have to enjoy planning great events and be willing to help sponsor the meeting. Contact Jack Clark at to let him know your interest in joining the committee.

2017 Award Winners

The 2017 Susan A. Halsey Founder's Award

The winner of the Susan A. Halsey Founder's Award must be someone who exemplifies the mission of the Real Estate Council of Greater Fort Worth: acting as a unified voice for the commercial real estate industry, influencing action and supporting change to accomplish long-term job growth and to enhance the quality of life in the Greater Fort Worth area.

We are proud to announce the 2017 winner of this award, Nina Petty of Tarrant County College!


The 2017 Outstanding Young Leader Award

The candidate for the Outstanding Young Leader Award must be a REC Young Leader who has made an impact within our organization and/or within the community.
This year, we are excited to present this award to Natalie Moore of the City of Fort Worth

Check out more photos from the 2017 Annual Meeting

Check out more photos on our Facebook Page!



Check out all the sponsors from the 2017 Annual Meeting – how can you not want to be involved? The committee starts planning this event in October of each year and sponsorships range from $5000 - $2000 – just in case you want to budget now!

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