The Real Estate Forecast

Find out what industry leaders expect to happen in the coming year.

About the Forecast

The Tarrant County Commercial Real Estate Forecast reaches over 600 people annually with great information about the future of the industry. Not only does it enhance knowledge of the profession, the event raises money for community relations.  

The general schedule of speakers is as follows:

  • How Tarrant County Rates Nationally
  • Issues of Interest
  • Retail Market
  • Single-Family and Multi-Family Market
  • Industrial Market
  • Office Market



Planning for this event begins in May. If this sounds like something you’d like to work on, contact Casey Tounget at

Photos from the Forecast

Want to see pictures from the 2018 Forecast?  Go over to our Facebook Page!

See more pictures from the 2018 Forecast


Forecast Presentations

Want to download a copy of the 2018 presentations or listen in?  You can do both by clicking the link below.

Download the 2018 Presentations



There are two kinds of sponsors for this event – Presenting ($3500) and Supporting ($2500). All sponsors and speakers are invited to join The Real Estate Council for dinner prior to the Forecast for some great food and good networking.

Thank you to the sponsors of the 2018 Forecast:

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